Monday, September 24, 2012

more recent

The girls are having a fun time living with their Aunties!  
 Lina likes to climb the clothesline post like Mulan:)

 A few weeks ago the girls and I drove to MN with my mom to visit Ms. Ione.  We of course had to get a pic by the big fish:)
 We had a fun time visiting with Ms Ione and her family.  I don't know why I didn't take pics:-S
 We made play-dough!
 just hanging out:)
 my ambidextrous child

 I came out and found Lina in the hammock and she told me, "I feel safe with my blanky in here"
 Last week the girls had their first ballet class-I wasn't able to take pics at the class but they were so cute!! (warning-there's an excess of ballet pics to follow:)
 being silly:)

 doing bicycle:)
 We sent Daddy some kisses-Lina applied the lipstick herself:)
 Belle likes to wear these red high heels-I love her face:)

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