Monday, September 24, 2012

more recent

The girls are having a fun time living with their Aunties!  
 Lina likes to climb the clothesline post like Mulan:)

 A few weeks ago the girls and I drove to MN with my mom to visit Ms. Ione.  We of course had to get a pic by the big fish:)
 We had a fun time visiting with Ms Ione and her family.  I don't know why I didn't take pics:-S
 We made play-dough!
 just hanging out:)
 my ambidextrous child

 I came out and found Lina in the hammock and she told me, "I feel safe with my blanky in here"
 Last week the girls had their first ballet class-I wasn't able to take pics at the class but they were so cute!! (warning-there's an excess of ballet pics to follow:)
 being silly:)

 doing bicycle:)
 We sent Daddy some kisses-Lina applied the lipstick herself:)
 Belle likes to wear these red high heels-I love her face:)

catching up

I was on such a roll before!  oh well..
A few things have happened since then.  We sold our condo!  We got the call about the offer while out for dinner for my birthday-best birthday present ever!! Everything went smoothly and we closed July 27th and moved in with my parents because Evan will be gone til the end of March and I hate being alone!!
Another big/sad change was our good friends moving to MO:(
Aiden and Lina are 8 days apart and have been good friends since birth:)
Rilyn and Belle are 4 months apart-such sweet girls!
Saying goodbye to the old house

I don't think I ever put up a pic of the place with the new trim/doors so here is a pic of the trim and doors in our bedroom:)  
my little monkees

Evan took the week off before he left so we got to do a lot of family things.
The girls ran up and down the hill for forever-I wish I had their energy!
I wish I knew what they were saying-what little dolls!
trip to the zoo

Lina got to ride with Daddy on the sky ride-that ride is looooong!  I was seriously thinking they had fallen/jumped off it took so long for them to get back.

Ice cream!
You can't see it but she is actually holding 2 balls-what a silly girl:)
Lina took the swim test-she had to swim a full lap, I was so proud of her!
getting her bracelet to go on the slide
such a big girl!

Mini golfing-I should have taken a video, it was pretty funny:)
out of order-Lina wanted to take pics when we were at the park, I think there were at least 100 pics on the camera, you probably had to be there but it was so funny watching her:)

Lina got a hole-in-one all by herself!
One night we set up the tent and went 'camping' in the back yard:) we only had mini marshmallows but they didn't mind at all!

'helping' daddy set up
I'm sure it's safe to give Lina that hammer
Saying good bye to Daddy-they did surprisingly well and have been doing pretty good since he's been gone. He made some videos of him saying goodnight and telling them stories and just saying hi so that really helps for when they are really missing him.  We can definitely feel everyone's prayers, thank you to all that are praying for us!  I wasn't sure what to expect but things are going as well as I could have hoped for.
On the day Evan left (August 7th) Baby Simeon made his entrance into the world!!  The girls LOVE him (and so do I:) Lina keeps asking if we can get one too:)